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Complete A Critique Of The Quantitative And Qualitative Articles That Were Submitted In Topic 3.

Below I have attached the instructions and the previous essay Critique studies part 1 topic 4. APA Format, at least 1000 word, references
Critique of Research Studies Instructions
Complete a critique of the quantitative and qualitative articles that were submitted in Topic 4.
This assignment will be completed in three parts. Refer to the information below as a guide to the information that should be included in each part.
Follow the guidelines for the quantitative and qualitative article critiques in Box 5.2: Guide to an Overall Critique of a Quantitative Research Report, and Box 5.3: Guide to an Overall Critique of a Qualitative Research Report, in Chapter 5 of the Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice textbook.
1. Utilize a central heading to indicate that what follows is the critique of the articles.
2. The side headings of the critique for each article should follow the headings in Box 5.2 and Box 5.3 in Chapter 5 of the Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice textbook.
3. Note that within these basic guidelines, there are additional references to Detailed Critiquing Guidelines found in additional boxes in other chapters of the Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice textbook focused on the various elements of a research study report. Use these to expand the research study and to learn specific terminology appropriate to the critique of research.
When turning in the final submission, please put the elements in the following order: Quantitative Article Critique, Qualitative Article Critique, References (which should include the two articles, the text, and any other additional sources).
Critique of Research Studies – Part 2: Due Topic 6
For Part 2 of the critique, focus only on the following segments for each article:
· Method
o Protection of human rights
o Research design
o Population and sample
o Data collection and measurement
o Procedures
· Method
o Protection of participants’ rights
o Research design and research tradition
o Sample and setting
o Data collection
o Procedures
o Enhancement of trustworthiness
Research Studies
Diane Boll
Grand Canyon University: NUR 504
Quantitative Article Critique
Study on Condom Use Behaviors
The study was to result in some pilot tests that would be eventually get used in showing how condoms are normally put into use by the male gender. These males were supposed to get aged between eighteen to twenty-four years in order for the study to be able to come up with the desired results. For this research, the individuals were supposed to be people who only fell in the ages of 18-24. Another important factor for this study is that the individuals were people that had previously been able to have visited a health facility in the state of South Chicago. For this research to be undertaken, the participants were supposed to be people who were prone to HIV/AIDS and those that might have taken part in sex that is not safe with a lot of partners in a period of 3-6 months (Stephen et al,2007).
Statement of the Problem
The purpose of this study was to come up with a pilot test that would be used to look at the culture of how condoms are used among the males who are aged between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four years. The purpose of the study will be used to answer the following questions;
1.Which group of people is most likely to be infected with HIV/AIDS that is, Africans or Americans.
2.Which group mostly engages in risky behaviors like substance or even drug use (Patten & Newhart,2017).
Research Questions
1.How many African Americans get infected with HIV/AIDS as compared to other groups?
2.How many African Americans get involved with risky behaviors like drug abuse or alcohol abuse leading to the acquisition of HIV/AIDS?
Literature Review
In the world of technology today, a lot of young people especially the college going students get involved with behavior that is not good at all. These bad behaviors will be inclusive of partying where the youth will always get engaged in sex and which will normally expose them to the dangerous HIV/AIDS. This will also normally result due to the use of dangerous drugs or even excess intake of alcohol. The study has shown that the group that will normally be exposed to HIV/AIDS is the African Americans. This is because of their exposure to drugs or alcohol (Stephen et al,2007).
Theoretical Framework
Risky behavior is defined as engaging in activities that are harmful and which will lead to harmful effects. For instance, the use of drugs in order to party. One will later find themselves in difficult situations as there will be risks of getting affected with HIV/AIDS (Patten &Newhart,2017).
Drug abuse is defined as the use of drugs which will have an effect on the normal working of the body and which can lead to some diverse effects like insomnia, headaches among others. A good example is the use of Cocaine in excess which has some adverse negative effects on the body.
Qualitative Article Critique
Qualitative Study on Home Cares
It has come to the attention of most experts that most people who are normally exposed to home care will normally end to the hospitals or even the referrals. As a result, it has been identified that the aspect becomes very expensive and that leads to the increase of predisposing factors on the given illnesses. This research dwelt more on the people that were suffering from infections that result from pneumonia. The participants of the study were mostly family members of the local communities that were picked randomly. The research was undertaken by use of 14 questions that were of the interview.
Statement of the Problem
The purpose of this study was to examine the extent to which pneumonia is covered when the patients have been taken to home care and later transferred to the hospitals or the referrals. The research was to find out the extent to which the pneumonia patients get affected by the infections from the disease.
Research Questions
1.To what extent are the patients that are taken to the referrals suffer from pneumonia infections as compared to those in-home cares?
2.What is the level of quality of healthcare that is offered in the nursing homes when compared to referrals or hospitals (Patten & Newhart,2017)?
Literature Review
Treatment of pneumonia has always been considered to be critical mostly when it is to be offered when it is in the critical stages. There are tendencies of the hospitals or even the referrals not giving the best treatment when the pneumonia is in the critical stages (Soo et al,2006). In regards to this, it is advisable that the ailment gets diagnosed in the nursing homes as that is the place where treatment will be great without risks of infections.
Theoretical Framework
The local community is defined as a population of people that lives in a given area. These are the people that will normally participate in the way things are in a given locality without a lot of problems.
The local community can also be termed as a people who are of shared values and who are motley ready to help the others when there are issues that do disturb the community which can be like health matters or even societal difficulties like thuggery (Soo et al,2006).
Stephen K, Sherry N, Jeffrey A et al (2007) A Quantitative Study on the Condom-
Use Behaviors of Eighteen- to Twenty-Four-Year-Old Urban African American
Males retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1950730/
on 28th Sep 2017
Soo C, Mark L. & Lynne L., (2006) Pneumonia care and the nursing home: a
qualitative descriptive study of resident and family member perspectives
retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1379645/ on
28th Sep 2017
Patten, M. L., & Newhart, M. (2017). Understanding research methods: An overview of the essentials. Taylor & Francis


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