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Complete 6 page APA formatted

Complete 6 page APA formatted .

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Dust exposure and respiratory symptoms among cement factory workers in the United arab emirates.

They then compared the estimated amount to the limit of exposure. They then used the information to determine the respiratory symptoms occurrence among those that are exposed and compare to those that are not exposed to the dust. The information collected was used by Ahmed & Abdullah (2012) to evaluate the details in relation to the use of necessary equipment for respiratory infection protection.

The hypothesis of the study is that. the dust level of the factory is low and the same can be said to the level of exposure among the workers thus there are no prevalence difference among the exposed subjects and the non-exposed ones. The importance of the study was that it helped in the determination of the level of United Arab Emirates cement factories’ workers exposure to dust. The data collected was therefore used to determine if the cement factories in the United Arab Emirates have increased the rate of respiratory infections among the workers. It also looked at the use of the protection gears as the mitigation measure and the effects that it has caused (Ahmed & Abdullah, 2012).

Cement manufacturing has several processes that include mining, raw material grinding and crashing, kiln burning and blending for clinker formation, milling of cement and packaging. During this processes, there is an emanation of dust thus making the workers exposed to it. There are several researchers that have linked the occupational exposure that is chronic to the chronic respiratory infections among workers exposed. The signs and symptoms of these infections include sputum, coughing, dyspenia and alteration of the indices of pulmonary functioning. This is contrary to the findings of some of the researchers that most of the respiratory symptoms between most of the unexposed and exposed workers have difference that is not significant (Ahmed & Abdullah, 2012).

The hypothesis was tested at one of the United Arab Emirates factories. The selected factory had never been sampled

Complete 6 page APA formatted


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