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Complete 4 page APA formatted

Complete 4 page APA formatted .

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Assignment4.

In the tradition and culture of any society, the husband is expected to work outside the home for income and the wife is expected to be at home for children care and household maintenance. Womens family work includes responsibility for household tasks socially, legally, and in practice but in today’s world, women with children are increasingly getting employed outside the home which is resulting in increased conflicts between the families.

While talking about importance of maintaining balance between family life and work life by the modern families, let us discuss those challenges and conflicts that arise due to paid work and unpaid household work. For that we will discuss challenges related to both. men and women.

Men face a lot of challenges while trying to effectively balance the family and work. One of the major challenges regarding the issue is neglecting behavior towards children due to work load which may result in conflicts between the children and their father. As we know that men are traditionally expected to work outside the home to earn for the family, it affects their family life. If a man pays more attention towards his work than his family, children get affected because they do not get required love and attention from their father. As a result, the children feel ignored and the level of affection between the children and their father would go significantly down. Same happens with the person’s spouse who also gets affected if the person becomes unable to properly balance work schedule. A job that requires excessive travel and long working hours brings a negative impact on the family of a man. But if a man starts ignoring his professional duties in order to pay more attention towards his family, it brings a negative impact on his professional life.

Just like men, working women also face a lot of problems in order to maintain a balance between family life and work life because the role of the women has expanded due to

Complete 4 page APA formatted


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