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. Each student will evaluate a social welfare program from the following list. I will send each student the program that they are to evaluate via Blackboard email only.
· Medicare
· Medicaid
· Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
· Food Stamps
· TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needed Families)
· WIC (Women, Infants and Children) 
· CHIPS (Children Health Insurance Programs)
· National School Lunch Program
· Meals on Wheel
· Head Start
· Job Corp
· Energy Assistance Program
· Section 8 Housing
2. Your paper should include the following: (Please use the headings in bold without the alphabets for each section. Each section should be in paragraph format.
A. History – This is a brief history of social welfare program. Please include dates and any significant individuals (s) who played a part in establishing this program.
B. Legislative Authorization – This refers to the law, bill or act that legalized this program. In addition, these are the purposes of the program as formally stated. A program may be successful in attaining these objectives, it may be partially successful, it may attain other objectives not planned for, or it may simple be unsuccessful. Although the stated objectives guide one’s evaluation of a program, the attainment of unanticipated objectives should be included in the evaluation of program. In some cases, they may be important as the originally intended objectives.
C. Source of Funding – Funding is crucial to program implementation. In public
funding, there is sometimes a distinction between legislation and the appropriation of  funds to carry out the legislated program; both the authorizing legislation and the appropriations legislation are necessary for a functional program. Private agencies, also, may recognize the need for a program but may not have adequate resources to implement it.
D. Eligibility Requirements – These determine who is eligible to participate in a
program. If a program is universal in scope, need is the only criterion for eligibility.  The more residual a program is, the more stringent the eligibility requirements are likely to be.
E. Coverage – Eligibility requirement establish the boundaries of the potential client
population, whereas coverage refers to the number of those eligible who actually participate in the program. It is good measure of the program’s effectiveness in reaching the target population, and it is frequently the case that more people are eligible for a program than actually receive benefits.
Research Papers Guidelines
1. Must be in APA format (begin to research if not familiar)
2. Typed, 12 font, Times New Roman, & Double-spaced
3. Title page (excluded from the pages)
4. Reference page (excluded from the pages)
5. Must have “5” references—-Be sure to properly cite the author & year in the body of the
paragraphs. Wikipedia, or similar sources, should NOT be used as a source in this paper.
6. Must submit through Turnitin.com to receive a grade
7. Will receive a “0” if not submitted via Turnitin.com…Turnitin.com has several maintenance issues; therefore, it is best to submit before the due date because it will be your responsibility to submit your assignment.
8. Research papers must be five (4) or more pages


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