MARKET RESEARCH AND SEGMENTATION (SLP). The intent of the SLP is for you to transform the theoretical and general aspects as covered and based in each module’s case paper, to a “Board-meeting” presentation. The SLP (like the cases) is a cumulative project that will demonstrate the culmination of your understanding and your ability to identify […]

Airline Research Paper

Airline Research Paper. The Airline Research Paper is an individual student effort but with roots in the group collaboration. Students will choose an airline (passenger or cargo) associated with their group’s region and individually write a critical analysis of the airline’s operation. The paper will cover the listed topics (as a minimum) in a paper […]

product; essay

product; essay. 1. Think of a product or service that has problems from a quality standpoint. Briefly discuss some of the problems. How would you explain these problems or possible solutions to the provider or manufacturer of the product or service? How would your explanation differ if you were going to explain these same problems […]

Statistics: Identifying Variables

Statistics: Identifying Variables. Clearly identifying the independent and dependent variables in a study is a critical aspect of any research project. The dissertation is no different. This assignment will allow you to practice your skills in identifying research variables. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: In a study […]


tourism. CASE STUDY WEIGHT 50% LENGTH/DURATION: 2500 WORDS DUE: 2ND OCT, 2019 Task Develop a case study showcasing international tourism at your MKT01906 destination. You selected the location prior to Week 3. The assignment will develop critical thinking, analysis and literacy skills to synthesise information related to theories studied in this unit. Instructions Identify key […]

federal regulations

federal regulations. Chapter 14 1.  List the federal regulations that may have an impact on ISO functions. 2.  To whom does the ASO-HM report at a hazmat technician-level incident? 3.  With whom does the ASO-HM likely work with at a typical hazmat technician-level incident? 4.  What are the IAP components that the ISO and ASO-HM are responsible for developing? […]

science questioins

science questioins. 1. Write three to five paragraphs for comparing and contrasting distinct types of energy like: Mechanical energy, potential energy, electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetism. Discuss the applications of electricity and magnetism in real-life situations. 2.  Describe and explain the properties of waves. Select one type of wave and explain it. What benefits does it […]

The Globe

The Globe. In your own words, explain to the other swashbucklers what the north-south and east-west lines represent. Explain how difficult would it be to pinpoint a location on a globe without using a coordinate system. Describe your plan to figure out where you are and how you could get back home. Work with the […]

Project: Software For Team Collaboration

Project: Software For Team Collaboration. Instructions In recent years there has been incredible growth in the number of software applications that have been designed to help support project management and project management teams. These software options are quite diverse, with individual applications being designed to fit both particular industry knishes as well as different types […]