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Case #1: The first case involv

Case #1: The first case involv.

Case #1: The first case involves an office equipment company where a 34-year old office equipment repair technician was paroled after serving a 7-year sentence for attacking women on jogging paths. His previous employer offered to rehire him as a field technician who would travel to other offices to repair business machines as he has been an excellent employee with outstanding repair skills. Students’ views will differ. However, most students will probably think that the employee should be able to continue his job since he has paid his time for his illegal actions. If his job was more connected to jogging paths, such as a park employee, then the answer would be different.

Case #2: The second case involves an African American who had served 10 years for child pornographic possession. He is driving a school bus for a church and has thus far been a model employee although he did not list his conviction on the application form even though the question had been asked. In this case, most students will probably believe that the manager should not employ this person as a school bus driver since he is in contact with many children. Also, he lied on this employment application. It is highly recommended that a manager should seek legal advice in these types of situations

1. Discuss what a manager should do in each of the two Michigan cases.

2. What circumstances might lead you to make different decisions in different cases under Megan’s Law?

Case #1: The first case involv


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