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C Shell Program 7

C Shell Program 7.

Clear your history by running the following command:

history -c

Write a BOURNE shell script (/bin/bash) that will output:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your login name
  3. The type of terminal that you are set up to use
  4. Your secondary prompt
  5. Your current path
  6. The current date
  7. The first argument you passed to the script
  8. The third argument you passed to the script
  9. All of the arguments you passed to the script
  10. The number of arguments you passed to the script
  11. Your home directory path
  12. List all the files in your home directory, including hidden files and permissions
  13. Save your history to a file:history > assignment7yourname.txt 
  14. Disconnect from your virtual machine

C Shell Program 7


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