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Business & Finance homework help. Final Policy Analysis Brochure
Step 1: Each group will schedule a meeting via video conference for the group.
– You can utilize emails, WebEx, Google Hangout, or Zoom to communicate. This
meeting will need to take place between Weeks 3 and 6.
Step 2: By 10 p.m. CT on Sunday of Week 4, one (1) group member should post
the plan for work division, and a timeline for the group to complete assignments
for this assignment in the discussion forum for the group.
• Keep in mind formatting and editing the brochure, research, checking for APA
format, and who will submit the paper.
• Only one will submit the plan for the entire group as well as the final brochure.
• Everyone in the group shall see the final product before submission.
• If the paper is submitted late, the person in charge of submitting will have points
deduced per the late paper assignment policy.
Step 3: The Brochure
• This brochure is like a policy analysis paper and will take several weeks to
research, write and analyze. It is not a paper to be done in a day. It will be
• Each group will prepare an analysis of a national, state or local policy regarding a
social problem assigned by the instructor.
o This will be a law or policy or one in the proposal stages. This policy is one
that has a direct impact on the health and social services in the US. This
brochure should be of professional quality that the group could distribute
to policymakers.
• Using the outline in chapter three of the Karger & Stoesz textbook the group
will analyze the policy to include: (you must read the chapter to understand
the content of these areas).
o an overview of the policy,
o an historical analysis,
o problems that necessitate the policy,
o a policy description and
o policy analysis
§ You need to discuss each section addressing each point in the
§ IF your policy does not have some of this information, explain that
in your paper; do not skip a section.
• The brochure should be 10 pages MAX, double-spaced, 12-point font. The last
page of your brochure will include your references with a minimum of 8-10
academic references in APA format.
• Assignments that are over the 10-page limit will have points deducted. In your
practice as a social worker, you will be expected to be able to convey complex
information succinctly and clearly when writing case notes, preparing court
reports, applying for grants, etc. This is why page limits are strictly enforced in
this course.
1. Each group should submit ONE (1) plan/division of work and ONE (1) final
2. The use of APA is REQUIRED for this assignment. If you are not familiar with
APA style or need a refresher, you should purchase the Publication Manual.
Grading Rubric for Brochure
Criteria Points
Includes all requested content:
• Overview of the policy
• Addressed each section addressing each point in the outline:
o Overview of the policy
o Historical analysis
o Problems that necessitate the policy
o Policy description
o Policy analysis
• Minimum number of references met
• Organization of the brochure with an emphasis on clarity and coherence in language and thought
• No more than 10 pages
• APA reference page
• Appropriate use of citations
• No grammatical or typographical errors
• Responses are written in paragraph form and transition sentences are utilized to craft
an essay that flows as one piece of text.
• Utilizes assigned readings from class and/or existing scholarly sources.
Work Division Submission
• Includes all requested content:
• Work division
• Timeline
• Submitted on time by one group member
Total 25

Business & Finance homework help


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