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Be sure to show calculator com

Be sure to show calculator com.




Note: If you take the differences as pre – post, then the difference column will include more negative numbers. That is OK. Just make sure, you set up the alternate hypothesis accordingly in that case.

a.      Are these dependent or independent samples? Explain your answer.

b.      Complete the column for the difference between the pre-test and post-test scores above.  Find that difference for each teacher.

c.      Find the mean and the standard deviation of the difference column.

  = _________­­­­­______ sD = ____________________

d.      Test the hypothesis that the new program is successful to improve the language skills of French language teachers at 0.05 level of significance. Show all five steps of the hypothesis testing process including the interpretation. (Assume that all the scores from such tests will be normally distributed. Show calculator command used and/or formula. Points will be deducted for missing steps.) Hint: If testing for a positive difference, the differences must be found using post – pre test scores.

3.      How are the results from the two tests in the previous parts different? Why is that? Which test do you think would produce more reliable results in this case? Explain your reason.

Be sure to show calculator com


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