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Balance sheet Assets Cash Rece

Balance sheet Assets Cash Rece.

Refer to the following financial statements and answer the questions:

Answer the following questions:

  1. Determine which items varied in constant proportion to sales between 20×6 and 20×7.
  2. Determine the rate of growth in sales that was achieved from year 20×6 to 20×7.
  3. What was the firm’s return on equity for 20×7? Can you calculate for 20×6?
  4. What was the firm’s external (additional) funding requirement determined to be for 20x? How was the funding obtained? (hint: compare the changes in debts and equities).
  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2

Balance sheet Assets CashReceivablesInventory Property, plant and equipment Total assetsLiabilities Payables Short—term debt (10 % interest)Long—term debt (7% interest) Sh areholders’ equity Common stockRetained earningsTotal liabilities and equity 20×6 $300,000 $200,000 $700,000$1,800,000$3,000,000 $300,000$500,000$800,000 $1,100,000$300,000$3,000,000 20×7 $375,000 $250,000 $875,000$2,250,000$3,750,000 $375,000$989,882$900,000 $1,100,000$385,118$3,750,000

Balance sheet Assets Cash Rece


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