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As the owner of La Boulangerie

As the owner of La Boulangerie.

As the owner of La Boulangerie Bakery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you have a devoted clientele savoring your delicacies. Your salty

caramel cupcakes offer an irresistible salty-sweet flavor combination using fleur de sel crystals hand harvested from the pristine seas

off Brittany, France. These salt granules complement the sweet buttery caramel that flavors both the cake and frosting. Although your

cupcakes are a trendy hit, you also feature delicious cakes, squares, cookies, croissants, and breads. Your bakery has a medium-sized

storefront; however, most of your business comes from supplying local restaurants and coffee shops with your tantalizing treats. You

own two trucks that make deliveries to customers throughout the Baton Rouge metropolitan.

Although La Boulangerie is financially successful, rising costs have severely undercut your profits over the past few months. You know

that you are not the only business owner dealing with rising prices. Many of your suppliers have raised their prices over the past year.

Specifically, the higher prices of wheat and sugar have resulted in a drastic increase in your production costs. Previously, you did not

charge for deliveries made to your wholesale clients. However, you now feel that you have no choice but to add a delivery charge for

each order to cover your increased costs and the rising price of gas.

YOUR TASK. As the owner of La Boulangerie Bakery, write a letter to your wholesale clients in which you announce a $20 charge per

delivery. Try to think of a special offer to soften the blow. Address the first letter to Mr. Emil Broussard, Café Broussard, 2013 West Lee

Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70820.

As the owner of La Boulangerie


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