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As discussed in class, this is

As discussed in class, this is.

As discussed in class, this is the SOP writing assignment that is due to be handed in on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 (no exceptions). This is a mandatory assignment that may be able to benefit your grade if you are borderline. This would only occur if you achieve an A or B grade on this assignment. The mock SOP should be no longer than 3 typed pages. Please put yourself as the author and follow the SOP guidedline that was posted on Blackboard. The following topics are to used.: “Preparation of Platelet Concentrate from Whole Blood”.  I need help on how to start this assignment I’m not looking for answers but just a guideline or any advise. The professor is looking for a written paper as student in the medical laboratory technician. As I said I’m looking for advise not answers why is it a violation????? I’m not looking for a written paper from the tutor I will do it myself. What I need is an advise how to start my paper.

As discussed in class, this is


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