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Safe medication administration begins in the pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians are involved in the process of compounding sterile preparations for patient use. In this project, you are responsible for performing aseptic technique properly in order to ensure patient safety. It is essential in pharmacy that we are trained and follow protocol. Aseptic compounding that lacks standards of care or a quality assurance process, compromises patient safety.

USP Chapter <797>, Pharmaceutical Compounding: Sterile Preparations became official on January 1, 2004 with several revisions that followed and the most recent in 2008. This created standards to follow and quality assurance procedures all with the end goal being patient safety. Currently USP Chapter <800> is being developed which will expand the current guidelines to include hazardous materials handling.

  • Research Paper
    • Discuss USP Chapter <797> and the importance of the standards that were created, focus on revisions made in 2008 (include requirements for garbing, environmental quality control, beyond use dating and training and testing).
    • The new USP Chapter <800> guidelines are still in the development stage, however, a great deal of information is available. What are some of the suggested changes and what will be added to the current guidelines?
  • Format and References
    • Use information provided to you throughout the course, Rasmussen library resources, etc.
    • Your final paper must 4-5 pages long and include both in-text citations and a reference page in APA format. You must have at least 5 references.Keep in mind there is a requirement to the minimum length of the assignment 4-5 pages, there is a required amount of references (at least 5 references) ,and your submission should include in-paragraph APA citations. Below are the assignment instructions. Helpful websites are www.usp797.org.


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