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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic anya kamenetz. The chapter “Waking Up and Taking Charge” puts forth the ment that the youths of the new generation are getting more and more edgy with the politicians

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic anya kamenetz. The chapter “Waking Up and Taking Charge” puts forth the ment that the youths of the new generation are getting more and more edgy with the politicians of their nations, but without their involvement in the political structure of the country, the things are not going to change for the betterment.

“Waking Up and Taking Charge” is the final chapter of the book “Generation Debt: Why Now is a Terrible Time to Be Young” by Anya Kamenetz. The book deals with the approaching disaster of our economic system and the community if we constantly follow the mindless way of operations we have practiced so far, however most significantly the book focuses on the “power of education” along with the rising arrears outrageously brought by the concept of “job-security” that comes with lower wages and the national programs existing in order to “help us” that actually aids the process of ripping the nation apart. The author states that to deal with the educational debt issue it is necessary on the end of the young generation to take active measures against the political system of the nation, as can be traced in the quote, “Young people urgently need a strong national generational movement”. The author puts stress on the situation that the educational institutes of the modern era moving out of reach of common people. In this regard the undergraduates of the Yale University went on a weeklong protest after which the University declared that it would not ask for any tuition fees from the kids belonging to the families making lesser than $45000 annually. The author puts forth the several reasons supporting why the involvement of the students in the nation’s politics is necessary. She felt that the young generation lacks any political guarantee and the generation have been experiencing risk by getting stuck to the cycle of availing loan for higher studies and then spending their whole life in a small job that helps them to pay-off the loan money in parts. Until and unless the students step out of this cycle, they will never be able to set higher career ambitions. The author states two solutions two these issues, which are-

To lead a life within a person’s means

To fight for the fair allocation of the country’s resources

Now staying within the means can be practiced alone but fighting for the proper allocation of resources can take place in a united way. The stated incident of Yale proves that, “without a unified voice, individual protests can make only small ripples”. The chapter further states that in order to lower the student debt, Pell Grant must be enhanced. The author further puts stress on her intended audience, i.e. the students that a major number of people within the age group 18-34 do not vote. She reminds this age group that if they wish to welcome a changed tomorrow, then they should start with electing their own governments.

Thus it can be concluded from the chapter that student activism and student unity has been highly encouraged throughout the book. An inspiring group called Virginia 21 was formed based on similar principles of changing the educational system and the world at large. The author inspires her reader to work towards their goal in a united manner and nothing could stop them from becoming successful.


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