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Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses market structure in micro economics.

Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses market structure in micro economics. Characteristics of a Perfectly Competitive Market

In a perfectly competitive market, a large number of buyers are willing to buy products and services at a certain price level and a large number of sellers are willing to sell those products and services for the specified price level.

All firms are price taker in a perfectly competitive market, having a relatively small market share and operating in a profit maximization motive. Profit is maximized in that point where marginal revenue meets marginal cost (Stackelberg, Bazin, Hill and Urch, 2010).

There are no barriers to entry and exit for firms into the industry. All factors of production are perfectly mobile in the long run perfect competition. Complete information is available to the consumers in terms of product quality, method of production, price of competitors.

The purchasing behaviour of the buyers is rational as all information is available to them. The market cannot be affected by any externalities. Buyers are well aware of their market rights. Therefore, no cost of benefit can influence one party to harm the other party.

Firms are engaged in producing homogeneous goods which are hardly differentiated in terms of the price level and quality. Economies of scale are absent in this market structure as a result of the continuance of a large number of buyers and sellers.

There is no transaction cost is perfect competition. Hence no cost is involved in exchanging goods in this type of market structure. Local fish or vegetable market is a perfect example of this kind of market structure (Stackelberg, Bazin, Hill and Urch, 2010).


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