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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Discrimination, Affirmative Action and Equity.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Discrimination, Affirmative Action and Equity. &nbsp.In most instances, the service levels are of a high standard but if things have not been right on the day, feedback had been acted upon. I would urge all disabled travelers to tell us about their travel experience in order that we can offer the highest level of service” (British Airways’ diversity strategy, online).

The company also espouses a strong culture of respect, for which it has deployed an employee questionnaire. Through responses to the survey, it has crafted the following objectives towards building a culture of equality:

Still, towards this thrust, BA has joined Stonewall champions scheme last year (2005). It is a venue that advocates diversity within work settings. The emphasis placed on the management of harassment and bullying is captured by BA Chief Executive Rod Eddington, as follows: “Dignity and respect for other people are basic values we must all adopt.&nbsp. We should all be aware of the impact of our behavior on others and be tolerant of people who have different values, religions, and beliefs on our own.&nbsp. This applies to our peers, colleagues, and customers.” &nbsp.On age, the company has already proposed flexible retirement and is watching out for the new government regulations on the matter (British Airways’ diversity strategy, online).

Thus, the article on BA which presents that it discriminates against a religious practice – the wearing of a cross of a Catholic – seems contradictory to all of this publicity regarding diversity. This shall surely have an impact on their image as a fair employer and they must thoroughly ensure that they exercise fair practice and do not ostracize employees on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or religion.

At first glance, the&nbsp.legal aspects of making employment decisions seem complicated. After all, there are many laws and court cases that apply to employment decisions.&nbsp.


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