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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on personal thoughts on plato: his writing and influence.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on personal thoughts on plato: his writing and influence. They worked from a vast collection of Greek manuscripts procured by Constantine Lascaris with the help of Lorenzo de Medici from the monastery at Mount Athos. In two well-known dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, Plato introduced one of the most remarkable of all geographical fables, that of the lost continent of Atlantis somewhere in the Western Ocean. The excitement caused by the announcement of recent discoveries in the New World must have kindled new interest in Platos discussion of the lost continent (Plato. Works).&nbsp.

Students fail to appreciate Platos writings—not until they come across those. Once these works are read, it is just not possible for anyone to disregard it. His writings were articulately done, and extremely intellectually stimulating. His creativity is reflected on his every word, not a single line will leave the reader unimpressed. Each work may seem to be his finest, then, as one may go on, he will come to realize that none almost appears to be superior over the rest. Indeed, each has its own attribute that captivates his readers, making them wonder how such great writing could possibly be done by a man. This drives people to know more about Plato, which he seems to allow by giving these scholars the opportunity to be part of his impressive works.

Philosophers have always given the impression that they are too amzing that it is almost not possible for ordinary men to appreciate their works, but Plato has the opposite effect. His works are said to be a bit complicated, some, quite difficult to comprehend, but then, each work reveals special meaning. meaning that make us think—and when these are finally understood, it is then that a not so ordinary man, becomes a part of an ordinary mans being.

Reading a philosopher’s life, as well as his writings often lead to a misconception—that it will ultimately be boring, but Plato, as a great writer that he&nbsp.truly is, proved that wrong. Each work is too special to simply disregard it, it seems to have a great amount of appeal that it draws its readers closer, urging them to read more.


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