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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the impact of domestic violence on children: child sexual abuse.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the impact of domestic violence on children: child sexual abuse. In most cases, the cause of Paedophilia is a result of childhood experience by the adult who commits the crime and this, in turn, affects the development of their personality, and therefore most pedophiles have themselves been victims of child abuse of a sexual nature.

The journal article titled the impact of domestic violence on children by Markward M. J is a research done to evaluate the impact of domestic violence on the child. This research involved the selection of a random sample taken from the Midwestern region family violence center.

The study was done by a questionnaire of a targeted population, women who had entered a family violence shelter. These women were administered lengthy questionnaires during their stay and were asked a series of 46 questions over a three-week period. The research drew 100 questionnaires at random from a pool of 515 available (p. 67). The pool of available questionnaires was acquired over a 22 month period at a single Midwestern center (p. 67). The questionnaire was administered by shelter workers and was designed to gather information on the characteristics of the children, the women, and the violence that the woman and children were exposed to (p. 66).

The data was collected ex post facto and analyzed using standard statistical methods (pp. 66, 68). The resulting data was presented as raw numerical data conducive for chi-square analysis. Though the data is numerical and quantitative by its nature, the study incorporated qualitative aspects as well. The questionnaire inquired about types of abuse suffered by the women as well as family and abuser factors. It further qualified the types of negative behavior exhibited by the children. Conclusions were drawn from the numerical data and chi-square analysis of the behavioral patterns of children that had been abused. These were compared to the children who had not been abused but had witnessed the abuse of their female caregiver.&nbsp.


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