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Answer the following questions

Answer the following questions.

Answer the following questions:

1. Given the following matings, what are the predicted genotypes and genotypic ratios of the offspring?

a) Aa X aa

b) Aa X Aa

c) AA X Aa

2. Wet ear wax (W) is dominant over dry ear wax (w)

a) A 3:1 phenotypic ratio of F1 progeny indicates that the parents are of what genotype?

b) A 1:1 phenotypic ratio of F1 progeny indicates that the parents are of what genotype?

3. A woman is heterozygous for two genes. How many different types of gametes can she produce, and in what proportions?

4. The following diagram shows a hypothetical diploid cell:

The recessing allele for albinism is represented by a, and d represents the recessive allele for deafness. The normal alleles are represented by A and D, respectively.

a) According to the principle of segregation, what is segregating in these cells?

b) According to Mendel’s principle of independent assortment, what is independently assorting in these cells?

c) How many chromatids are in this cell?

d) Write a genotype of the individual from which this cell was taken.

e) What is the phenotype of this individual?

f) What stage of cell division (mitosis or meiosis) is represented by this cell?

g) After meiosis is complete, how many chromatids and chromosomes will be present in one of the four progeny cells?

5. Draw the following simple pedigree. A man and a woman have three children: a daughter, then two sons. The daughter marries and has monozygotic twin girls (identical twins). The youngest son in generation II is affected with albinism. (Use proper pedigree symbols; draw, scan and add picture to document; do not submit picture independently).

6. A man with blood type A and a women with blood type B have three children. A daughter with AB and two sons, one with type B and one with type O blood. What are the genotypes of the parents?

Answer the following questions


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