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Answer all questions essay que

Answer all questions essay que.

Answer all questions essay questions must be at least 4-6 paragraphs there’s 3 essay questions and shorts answers must be Atleast 2 sentences and define terms.

Definition of Islam5 pillars of IslamWho was Mohammed? His triple role.Main difference between Islam and ChristianityWhat is the Koran?Red button topics in IslamBUDDHISMWho was Siddhartha?4 things Siddhartha saw that changed his perspective and his view on life.What does Buddha mean?What are the two main ideas of Buddhism?What are the Three Truths?What are the Four Noble Truths?Definition of nirvanaWhat is the Triple Jewel?What are the 5 Precepts?What are the 4 Stages of Enlightenment?What are the 2 Schools of Buddhism?HINDUISMDefinitions of Hinduism – where the word ‘Hinduism’ comes from3 Pillars of HinduismWhat is Hinduism?What is the core of Hinduism?Definition of BrahmanDefinition of AtmanWhat are the Vedas?Short AnswerWhat is the world’s oldest active religion, approximately when was it founded?What are the Five Pillars of Islam?What are the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?What are the Five precepts of Buddhism?What are the roles of Jesus and Mohammad in Islam?What is the Eightfold path? BuddhismHow does one reach Moksha in Hinduism?Essay QuestionsCompare and contrast the teachings of Buddhism with those of Hinduism (Similarities and differences).Compare and contrast the teachings of Islam with those of Christianity (Similarities and differences).How can interfaith dialogue help change perceptions and relationships with the Islamic community?TermsIslam-Hajj-Animist-Qu’ran-Mohammad-Alms Giving-Ramadan-Umma-Buddha-Nirvana-Renunciation-Dharma-Mara-Monk-Sangha- religious communityContemplation-Karma-Meditation-Enlightenment-Samsara-Reincarnation-Krishna-Moksha-Atman-Brahman-Vedas-Hinduism-Polytheism-Monotheism-

Answer all questions essay que


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