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Adobe Photoshop Project

Adobe Photoshop Project.

Create a movie lobby poster for a new movie coming out in December 2019.

Use at least one thing you learned from each chapter in the textbook.

The poster must be in color using images of people (movie stars*), places, and things to tell the viewer what the movie genre is (western, Sci-Fi, drama, horror, documentary, mystery, etc.) without using text (only the names of the movie stars and the title of the movie allowed on the poster).

*You must use at least three movie stars, one of which has been dead for at least 60 years (before1957).

The movie will be titled as per your choice.

The poster should be no more than 800 pixels wide

Please include all of the images (unedited) you started with, as well as a list, under each image, telling briefly what you did to the image to get it ready to use in the poster.

No chop jobs, thrown together images, etc. this should be professional, aesthetically pleasing, and well thought out.

The citation should be provided for images used on the posters.

Adobe Photoshop Project


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