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activist trying increase the elephant population

There is a decline in the elephant population in a specific area in Africa.
You are an activist trying increase the elephant population.
You are required to present a proposed solution to this problem.
Create a proposal to solve this elephant problem.
Please include the following:
Background Information. (Describe the main biome where elephants are located;
describe an ecosystem, and describe 4 other types of biomes)
Name and discuss how elephants are threatened in Africa. (Research)
Discuss how biodiversity can affect the increase and decline of the elephant
Differentiate between the types of population growth models that can increase or
decrease the elephant population.
Discuss how community populations relate to your proposal.
Length/Formatting Instructions
Length 1000 Words
Font 12 point , Calibri Font, no more than 1" margins
Program/File Type Submit in Word
Attachments Should be pasted into the Word document if possible.


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