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A customer ordered a bridal ve

A customer ordered a bridal ve.

1.A customer ordered a bridal veil from your website two weeks ago and is concerned that it’s two days before the wedding and the veil hasn’t arrived. Which of the following would be a good customer service response?

Question options:

Tell the customer that she should have ordered the item sooner.

Tell the customer that there was a delay in shipping the item and that it might not be there in time for the wedding.

Overnight another veil to the bride so that there’s no risk that she won’t have the veil for the wedding.

Tell the customer that she can return the veil if it arrives after the wedding.


2.One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is

Question options:

not offering enough of a discount to new customers.

making promises they can’t keep.

focusing on a product or service’s features instead of the benefits it offers to the customer.

bad-mouthing competitors.


3.Miguel owns a bicycle-based courier service named Speed2U. The brand’s focus is on fast delivery within 15 minutes from anywhere in the city or delivery is free, which is unique to his company. A customer asks one of his bicycle couriers why she should choose Speed2U over the other companies in the city. The employee responds that all of the courier services are the same. Where did Miguel fail in developing his brand?

Question options:

His brand doesn’t focus on what the customer wants.

He didn’t include his employees in conveying his brand.

The brand doesn’t differentiate his company from others in the city.

His brand name doesn’t convey speedy delivery.


4.”I don’t know, but I’ll find out” is a customer service example of

Question options:

an uninformed sales rep.

a dangerous admission.

losing a sale.

magic words.


5.How long does it typically take for a magazine article about your business to appear, after the story is submitted?

Question options:

1 week

1 month

6 months

1 year


6.What is a powerful sales weapon many salespeople fail to take advantage of?

Question options:

Publicity events

Cold calls

Discount offers



7.Which of the following is true of good salespeople?

Question options:

They know how to oversell their product so the customer can’t say no.

They have tenacity but know when to walk away and move on to the next sales prospect.

They make promises they may not be able to keep in order to secure a sale.

They don’t leave voice mail messages.

A customer ordered a bridal ve


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