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A company lends its supplier $

A company lends its supplier $.

Can you explain and please give an example

20. A company lends its supplier $158,000 for 3 years at a 8% annual interest rate. Interest payments are to be made twice a year. Each interest payment will be for:

19.On January 1, a company lends a corporate customer $132,000 at 4% interest. The amount of interest revenue that should be recorded for the quarter ending March 31 equals:


Purrfect Pets uses the perpetual inventory system. At the beginning of the quarter, Purrfect Pets has $45,000 in inventory. During the quarter the company purchases $10,150 of new inventory from a vendor, returned $1,450 of inventory to the vendor, and took advantage of discounts from the vendor of $350. At the end of the quarter the balance in inventory is $34,000. What is the cost of goods sold?

a) $21,650

b) $19,350

c) $11,000

d) $21,150

A company lends its supplier $


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