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A coffee shop claims that its

A coffee shop claims that its .

A coffee shop claims that its fresh-brewed drinks have a mean caffeine content of 80 milligrams per five ounces. You work for a city health agency and are asked to test this claim. You find that a random sample of 42 five-ounce servings has a mean caffeine content of 83 milligrams and a standard deviation of 7.5 milligrams. At  = 0.05, do the evidence suggest that the mean caffeine content is in fact different than 80 milligrams per five ounces?

Your answer must include: i) null and alternative hypotheses; ii) statement of assumptions; iii) calculation of the test statistic; iv) calculation of the P-value;v) decision in terms of the null hypothesis; and vi) conclusion in the context of the problem.

A coffee shop claims that its


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