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A 1 meter spring lies horizont

A 1 meter spring lies horizont.

  1. A 1 meter spring lies horizontally on a table. You hang it vertically being held by one of its ends. Because of the mass of the spring it now extends to 1.1 meter. You hang a holder of unknown mass and now it’s 1.2 meters long. You decide to add a 558 gram mass on the holder and now, it’s 1.3 meters long.

What is the spring constant of the spring?  Report your answer in N/m to 3 sig figs.

2. To determine the spring constant in this experiment, you will use a Force Sensor and a Motion Detector to measure the force and the spring extension respectively. Some good practices when acquiring your data are:

Select one or more:

a. To properly align the spring and the motion detector main axis.

b. To minimize the signal interference on the motion detector as it can pick up objects such as chairs and tables in the cone of ultrasound.

c. To zero the sensors.

3. When a spring undergoes simple harmonic motion, its angular frequency of oscillation is related to the spring constant and the total mass of the system. In the lab, you will measure the spring’s angular frequency of oscillation (ω) for different suspended masses (M) and determine the spring constant from the slope of the 1/ω2 vs. M graph.

What are the units of the slope of the 1/ω2 vs. M graph?

Select one:

a. N/m

b. s2/kg

c. s2/kgm

d. ms2/kg

A 1 meter spring lies horizont


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