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8.2.9-T a Question Help 0 In a

8.2.9-T a Question Help 0 In a.

I need help sloving this applied statistics problem

8.2.9-T a Question Help 0 In a study of the accuracy of fast food drive-through orders, one restaurant had 37 orders that were not accurate among 341 ordels observed. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim thatthe rate of inaccurate orders is equal to 10%. Does the accuraw rate appear to be acceptable? Identify the null and alternative hypotheses for this test. Choose the correct answer below. 0 A. H0:p=0.1 H1:p>0.1O B. H0: p=0.1H1:p<0.1O C. H0:p¢0.1H1:p=0.1O D. H0: p=0.1H1:p¢0.1Click to select your answer and then click Check Answer. ®

8.2.9-T a Question Help 0 In a


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