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59 Audit risks for particular

59 Audit risks for particular .

4.59 Audit risks for particular accounts and disclosures can be conceptualized in the model: Audit Risk (AR) = Inherent Risk (IR) x Control risk (CR) x Detection risk (DR). Use this model as a framework for considering the following situations and deciding whether the auditor’s conclusion is appropriate.

a. Paul, CPA, has participated in the audit of Tordik Cheese Company for five years, first as an assistant accountant and the last two years as the senior accountant. Paul has never seen an accounting adjustment recommended and believes the inherent risk must be zero.

b. Hill, CPA, has just (November 30) completed an exhaustive study and evaluation of the internal controls of Edward Foods Inc. (fiscal year ending December 31). Hill believes the control risk must be zero because no material errors could possibly slip through the many error-checking procedures and review layers that Edward used.

59 Audit risks for particular


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