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31-T a Question Help In a rece

31-T a Question Help In a rece.

I need help sloving this applied statistics problem

8.2.31-T a Question Help § In a recent court case it was found that during a period of 11 years 891 people were selected for grand jury duty and 42% of them were from the same ethnicity. Among the people eligible forgrand jury duty, 79.3% were of this ethnicity. Use a 0.01 significance level to test the claim that the selection process is biased against allowing this ethnicity to sit on the grand jury. Identify the nullhypothesis. alternative hypothesis. test statistic. P-value. conclusion about the null hypothesis. and final conclusion that addresses the original claim. Use the P-value method and the normaldistribution as an approximation to the binomial distribution. Which of the following is the hypothesis test to be conducted? 0 A. H0: p=o.793 O B. H0: p<n.793H1: p<0.793 H1: p=0.793O c. H0: p:0.793 O D. Ha: p>n.793H1: p=0.793 H1: p=0.793O E. H0: p=O.793 O F. HO: p=n.793H1: p>0.793 H1: p :0.793 Click to select your answer and then click Check Answer. arts4 rpemaining – Clear All

31-T a Question Help In a rece


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