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237 a Question Help 0 Find the

237 a Question Help 0 Find the.

I need help sloving this applied statistics problem

3.237 a Question Help 0 Find the standard deviation, s, of sample data summarized in the frequency distribution table below by using the formula below. where x represents the class midpoint. 1′ represents the classfrequency, and n represents the total number of sample values. Also, compare the computed standard deviation to the standard deviation obtained from the original list of data values, 11.1. .- {exam—[shim’ n(n-1) Interval l 30.39 | 40.49 | 50.59 l 50.59 | 70.79 | 30.39 l 90.99 I;Frequency l 2 | 4 | 7 l 4 | 13 | 36 l 32Standard deviation = (Round to one decimal place as needed.)Enter your answer in the answer box and then click Check Answer. ®

237 a Question Help 0 Find the


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