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2. Mark scored 120 on the Stan

2. Mark scored 120 on the Stan.

2. Mark scored 120 on the Stanford-Binet intelligence test. Based on his score which of the following is true? (Points : 1) Mark has average intelligence.Mark has below average intelligence.Mark has above average intelligence.Conclusions cannot be made from the given information.3. According to your text, research on adult thinking and behavior has found that (Points : 1) specific child-rearing practices of parents have great influence.how parents feel about their children has great influence.development is predictable when all children are treated the same.all of the answers are true.4. The period of adolescence is often defined by psychologists as: (Points : 1) 12-19 years old.the specific years during which puberty takes place.13-19 years old.adolescence is never defined by numerical ages. 5. Most dentists in the United States are male while the majority of nurses are female. These differences show how different cultures define (Points : 1) sex.gender roles.sexism.social strata.6. Research shows that young college students who learn that other students have a more lenient attitude about drinking will (Points : 1) also adopt more lenient attitudes about drinking.learn to be more cautious about drinking.not be influenced by the new information.d begin to educate other students about the dangers of too much alcohol.7. Heinz is a recent immigrant from Germany. Which of the following will NOT contribute to his feeling of being American? (Points : 1) Learning EnglishSocializing beyond his native ethnic groupLearning about American cultureAvoiding other Germans8. Ruriko, a recent Japanese immigrant, is doing her best to adopt the behaviors of American society. She is adopting the _______________ model. (Points : 1) assimilationpluralisticethnic identificationinstitutional9. Identify the research method that is the accepted standard. (Points : 1) Scientific methodCase studySurveyCorrelation10. Attempting to adhere to expected gender roles appears to (Points : 1) damage the self-image and self-esteem of boys, but not girls.damage the self-image and self-esteem of girls, but not boys.damage the self-image and self-esteem of both boys and girls.have a positive affect on the self-image and self-esteem of both boys and girls.

2. Mark scored 120 on the Stan


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