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1. How Did Rasputin Gain Such A Strong Influence Over The Czarina? What Was His Effect On The Process Of Policy…

1. How did Rasputin gain such a strong influence over the czarina? What was his effect on the process of policy making within Russian government? What qualities do you think Rasputin had that made him a powerful character in Russia? 2. What was Rasputin’s role in the coming of the Russian Revolution? 3. Discuss the validity of the following statement: “For the first time in history, a revolution is being engineered not from below but from above, not by people against their government, but by the government against the welfare of the people.” How does this statement reflect the course of events that took place in the life of the czar? 4. What caused the Russian people to revolt against the czar in March 1917? 5. Discuss the reasons Lenin had for killing the Romanov family. Do you think he was right in ordering their death? 6. How did Lenin obtain the power base he needed to overthrow the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky? Why do you think Lenin received support from the Russian citizens? What methods did he use? 7. Describe the results of the Bolshevik ascension to power as the Kerensky government fell in November of 1917. 8. Why do you think Lenin felt it was important to hide the truth about the murder of the czar and his family?


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